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Lesson Learned: I’ve never done this before...and you can too

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When moving into my office, installing access control on the doors was a must. We are in a shared space where we occupy nearly 2,000 square feet. There is a main entrance (front door) on the facility which all 32 of the tenants enter the building by presenting an HID card provided by the property management company. Once in the 500,000 square foot facility, you will find our offices behind a locked door with several other small businesses. This presented us with a series of challenges. 

Challenge 1. Install access control on a door where other tenants & building management use a brass key for entry without creating a disruption, change of routine or addition of costly electronics. 

Additionally, after gaining entry through this door, we have three offices which also had brass keys and locks. Each one of the locks are keyed differently. 

Challenge 2. Ditch the ring of keys in favor of a Electronic Access Control solution to create time schedules and audit trails.

Challenge 3. The property management company informed us of two other concerns before granting us permission.

  • The routing and installation of new cabling was going to be very restrictive and prohibited.
  • In an emergency situation or during a power outage, there must be a way to gain entry to our units.

The first step in this install was to remove the old lock set (Please note: The locking core which other tenants & building management use is a brass key and must be reused for their entry).

Remove the interior door knob by releasing the spring loaded latch with a screw driver. 

Knob simply slides out allowing for easy removal of the trim ring. 

The trim ring discreetly conceals the two screws that bind the bolting mechanism.

Remove the screws.

Remove Latch.

Separate and remove door knob.

Now that we have removed the old hardware we are ready to begin installing the new Proxess product.

Insert the new Proxess latch.

Begin by installing the exterior lock trim.

Carefully route the wires through the door to the back side.

Route the wire through the back plate and attach the back plate using the SB1 screws provided.

Feed the wires through the rose liner and secure the rose liner to the back plate using the two remaining mounting screws provided. 

After properly mating and connecting all the cables to the PCB inside the interior trim, secure the interior trim to the back plate. 

Install the 4 AA batteries that came with the unit.

Once installed you will hear a series of beeps and the motor will run. The door is now locked. Screw the battery cover plate into place.

Install the exterior handle.

Do the same with the interior handle.

We are almost done, we just need to install the locking core we removed from the old door knob using the control key.

That's it....... We have completed the mechanical installation of the Proxess lock. If you can change a door knob you can install Proxess!

After completing the installation of all four lock sets we now need to download the software and install it on our server. 

Once installation is complete we will create Users, Doors, Groups and Schedules just as we would with any other access control system.

Once the credentials are completed, we will program them to a sticker which will be affixed to each of the HID cards previously provided by the property management company to gain entry to the front door.  

For the last step, we connect a Proxess reader to the Proxess controller. The Proxess controller is powered by and connected to our server via the network PoE switch.

Proxess is a Network-On-Card Solution. The data and audit trail collected from the entry and exit activity is stored on the card. The Proxess reader is used to consistently update credentials, changes in the systems and gather card activity for audit reporting.

That's the complete install. As you can see, this solution is not only easy to install but it allows for us to set schedules, immediately re-key, update credentials and supports unlimited cards (users) per lock set. There is no limit to the number of locksets and there is no additional licencing required. These are just a few of the features that are offered. For a complete list of features, please visit :


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