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Luxul - Work From Home

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Huntley, IL.  – April 20th, 2020


Work From Home Offers
With so many American's working from home I bet you are experiencing the same issues I am. The challenges of joining a Zoom meeting and experiencing intermittent audio or losing video when giving a presentation can cause great tribulations. Working from home means you have to become your own IT manager to ensure you can access the company resources and applications to maintain productivity. It may be time to update your home internet products to ensure you are maximizing the bandwidth provided by your ISP.  

We are all in this together and most of us were not prepared for this new style of life. Luxul would like to share with you–at a discounted price–the solution their own employees are relying on. Take advantage of the Legrand | AV WFH solution, and hook your home office up with a super fast and reliable wireless network from Luxul. 

Luxul provides unparelleled WiFI coverage for any space. 

If you are in need better coverage or networking flexibility, the XWP-3150 is a leader. The XWR-1200 is ideal for smaller, less intensive applications while the P40 is an effective tool to enhance or extend an existing network or add an ethernet connection to a device you’re not able to wire currently.

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