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Orion Pre-Entry Temperature Reader Kiosk - OPTR

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Huntley, IL.  – June, 14th 2020

Orion Pre-Entry Temperature Reader Kiosk Demo Has Arrived

The Orion Pre-Entry Temperature Reader (OPTR) was developed to support businesses in their COVID19 return-to-work strategies. OPTR’s infrared sensing technology and intuitive user interface can be put into use with virtually no training.

Product Overview

The Orion Pre-Entry Temperature Reader Kiosk will quickly and accurately verify the temperature of individuals attempting to enter your premises. Immediate temperature results and user programmable alerts are provided for decision making personnel.

What's Included

  • 10" Tablet
  • Integrated Thermal Scanning Sensor
  • Orion User Experience & Administration Software
  • Free-Standing Kiosk

MSRP: $5,400


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