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How to Test PoE for IP Security Cameras

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Huntley, IL.  – November 30th, 2020


How to Test PoE for IP Security Cameras

The wiring of security cameras has become much easier since the introduction of Power over Ethernet (PoE). This innovative method of powering internet capable devices means that no external power supply is needed, and power is transferred over the Ethernet cable used to connect the IP camera to the system.

The system is simple, although ensuring that the camera receives power and the amount of power is enough to ensure stable operation is sometimes frustrating and when something goes wrong, the only effective way of identifying what has happened is to use a portable network tester that’s capable of measuring PoE.

What POE Options Are Available?  

PoE-capable devices can be power sourcing equipment (a PSE device), powered devices (or PD’s), and sometimes a device can be both. The device that transmits power is a PSE, while the device that is powered is a PD. Most of your PSE devices will be a PoE network switches or PoE injector which are used with non-PoE switches or at the end of a network run to produce PoE+ or PoE++ due to the power requirement of that device.

When purchasing, your PSE network devices you want to be sure the maximum power budget of a switch is sufficient for the devices you intend to support. Identify the manufacturer power spec/budget per port to know if your edge devices will receive required power through that switch.

There is a plethora of resources on the internet that can educate you on PoE and how it works, in the video supplied I demonstrate how to test and trouble shoot PoE. 

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