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Sony Intelligent Cropping

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Sony SNC-VM772R Intelligent Cropping & Multi Tracking - Chicago, Il. 


Intelligent cropping allows up to four specific areas of interest to be observed with original 4K resolution, while providing a simultaneous overview of the entire image at Full HD resolution.

The SNC-VM772R can output a Full HD resolution overview, in parallel with four separate streams at VGA (640 x 480) that provide close-ups of particular areas of interest.

The camera can also provide one Full HD overview stream plus two cropped close-up streams at Full HD.


Additionally, multi tracking uses intelligent cropping to automatically ‘chase’ up to four objects independently in the scene, such as moving vehicles or people in a factory or car park. The camera streams an entire image of the scene with Full HD resolution for overview monitoring full-resolution image, together with separate VGA-cropped views of each moving object at the same time. It’s a compelling alternative to conventional monitoring that requires multiple P/T/Z cameras to track several objects simultaneously.


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