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P3- Hardened Industrial Network Switches and Enclosures

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Chicago, Il. April 1st 2019

The reliability of advanced IP-based networks and products have allowed the security industry to take advantage of innovations to dramatically improve capabilities and flexibility. However, reaping these benefits requires the deployment of networking equipment in challenging environmental conditions.

Any IP-based network requires far more than centralized servers and routers sitting in a secure, air-conditioned office. For communications networks in outdoor and industrial applications, servers, routers, and other gear must be located on poles, outdoors or in dirty environments where temperature and moisture represent a worst-case scenario for sensitive network equipment. 

Typical high-speed IP network equipment also struggles under "dirty" power conditions that are often prevalent in industrial installations. This is particularly true for the types of devices designed for offices and rely on conditioned utility-provided power. Equipment used in remote industrial applications must be designed with power supplies that work reliably and must protect against power spikes and poor-quality power.

Enterprise devices are also not designed to meet highly space-constrained installation locations. Often, industrial IT installations have little available room for additional security equipment.

Preferred Power Products (P3) located in Northbrook Illinois specializes in overcoming challenges associated with power and networking for the security industry. The WPR series has been specifically designed to address and overcome complications and limitations associated with industrial IT and hardened networking solutions.

The WPR Series is a family of weather proof power ready NEMA enclosures designed for various indoor and outdoor industrial applications. The NEMA enclosure is made of molded halogen free, self-extinguishing fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP). It is designed for high temperature and corrosive environments. Mounting flanges on both the top and bottom of the unit enables wall mounting or pole mounting options. The units can be ordered with or without a POE switch, with or without fans and vents. The following table helps to identify the ordering information:


 For additional information or specification on network switching equipment click here to download the current specification PDF -


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