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NEW!!! Genesis LED EG1 Series Notification Devices

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Chicago, Il. April 1st 2019

Genesis LED EG1 Series horns and LED strobes feature a sleek low profile design and energy-efficient technology that makes them less expensive to install and operate by reducing overhead. High performance LEDs require fewer circuits and power supplies. These new appliances are designed with energy-efficiency and life safety in mind.

Genesis LED EG1 Series uses high efficiency optics, combined with patented electronics, to deliver a highly controlled and efficiently focused light distribution pattern in exchange for lower current requirements. Strobes feature field-selectable 15, 30, or 75 cd light output.

Compared with Xenon-type strobes, Genesis LED EG1 Series appliances need fewer power supplies and often smaller wire gauge, which lightens conduit requirements. They are also backwards compatible with legacy strobes, so there’s no need to replace all your existing devices to upgrade to new LED technology. In fact, EG1 strobes can be mixed on the same circuit and used in the same field of view as Xenon-based strobes. This makes Genesis LED EG1 Series ideal for new installations and retrofits alike.

Field-configurable sound output levels provide the flexibility modern life safety projects demand, while the Genesis LED control protocol keeps multiple strobes on compatible NAC circuits synchronized to well within NFPA 72 requirements.

Serviceability is another area where EG1 Series appliances shine. The innovative under-cover diagnostic test points provide easy access to device circuit testing while mounted. Stay tuned for more Genesis LED devices that will be released in the coming months.

Standard Features

  • High Performance LED Strobe Technology
  • Replaceable Covers
  • Ultra low device current consumption
  • Efficient Audible Output
  • Low-profile Design
  • Easy to Install and easy access to diagnostic features
  • Diagnostics port
  • Backwards compatible
  • Scalable and versatile for both, new installations and retrofits
  • Lower install costs

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