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Proxess - A Wireless Lockset Revolution

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Chicago, IL.  – June 23rd, 2019

Proxess has designed and engineered an unique, intelligent, Grade 1 lockset that can be quickly installed in a standard prep door. The lockset can be easily networked through a number of wireless or connected (wired and mobile phone App) means. The wireless locksets are available in both cylindrical and mortise styles. 

Historically, security administrators were forced to decide between expensive, wired/on-line doors to monitor and control access, or keyed locks, which provide minimal security and no tracking. Now they can afford both by utilizing the intelligence of smart card technology interacting with strategic on-line doors and intelligent off-line locks. The goal is to create the security of expensive on-line access systems at a cost competitive with off-line, Grade 1 locks.

By strategically locating on-line access points, Administrators are able to automatically receive system updates from locks/readers which are on-line. 

Access rights which contain access time schedules are programmed on to smart credentials at an Administration site. High traffic, on-line doors are then strategically placed around the facility acting as “updaters” to the cards and system as people naturally access these doors. Access rights are then activated on the credentials and programmed to expire at pre-determined times and are inoperable upon expiration. Presenting the credential at the high traffic on-line door at any time will update the credential and renew the access rights. Accessing the on-line doors also communicates access activity to the system creating a wireless network.

System Administrators now automatically receive system updates without having to visit off-line locks to query for information such as audit trails. Imagine extending true security (time scheduling, audit trails, etc.) to ALL doors in your system, from an administrative site, rather than just a select few expensive doors…Network-on-Card.


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