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Huntley, IL.  – August 1st, 2019



Devine180 announces the opening of a new office in Huntley, Illinois

Devine180 announced the opening of a new office in Huntley, IL, USA. This new location strengthens the presence of Devine180 in the territory and offers a dedicated location for sales, support, training and demos on the products that Devine180 represents.
“We are delighted to announce the opening of our new Huntley office”, said Chad Szekeres, President of Devine180”. This new facility is centrally located within an hour commute of the three major markets we serve in the territory (Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison). The location will give us access to a very large pool of the industry leading high-tech security contractors and consultants in the region that we can use to fuel the continued growth of Devine180”, Mr. Szekeres added.

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Chicago, IL.  – June 23rd, 2019

Ocularis is helping business owners, facility managers, and security professionals all over the world sleep better at night. The three models of Ocularis are designed to handle all types of security demands. Regardless of the scale of your operation, all Ocularis platforms provide the kind of surveillance intelligence that has proven crucial in real world situations.

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Chicago, IL.  – June 23rd, 2019

Proxess has designed and engineered an unique, intelligent, Grade 1 lockset that can be quickly installed in a standard prep door. The lockset can be easily networked through a number of wireless or connected (wired and mobile phone App) means. The wireless locksets are available in both cylindrical and mortise styles. 

Historically, security administrators were forced to decide between expensive, wired/on-line doors to monitor and control access, or keyed locks, which provide minimal security and no tracking. Now they can afford both by utilizing the intelligence of smart card technology interacting with strategic on-line doors and intelligent off-line locks. The goal is to create the security of expensive on-line access systems at a cost competitive with off-line, Grade 1 locks.

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Las Vegas, NV. April 18th 2019

If you did not attend ISC-West last week you probably did not hear about or see the exciting additions to the Sony lineup. For beginners the launch of the “EMX” series cameras introducing six new cameras, three of which are 5 megapixels!  

The star of the show was the introduction of 20 Megapixel multi-sensor dome. The SNC-WL862 Multi-Sensor Adjustable Dome Network Camera captures very-high-quality video images with a total resolution of 20 megapixels via four independent CMOS sensors and remote-focus lenses. This allows the camera to view four different regions simultaneously, simplifying installation and lowering costs by reducing the total number of cameras needed.

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Chicago, Il. April 1st 2019

Genesis LED EG1 Series horns and LED strobes feature a sleek low profile design and energy-efficient technology that makes them less expensive to install and operate by reducing overhead. High performance LEDs require fewer circuits and power supplies. These new appliances are designed with energy-efficiency and life safety in mind.

Genesis LED EG1 Series uses high efficiency optics, combined with patented electronics, to deliver a highly controlled and efficiently focused light distribution pattern in exchange for lower current requirements. Strobes feature field-selectable 15, 30, or 75 cd light output.

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Devine180 are industry professionals carrying a portfolio of complimentary manufacturers of technical products which requires a high level of product knowledge. Our group spend almost 100% of their time face-to-face with customers, engaged in either sales or operational activities. 

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