Chad Szekeres

Chad Szekeres

DynaLocks NTB Series No-Touch Buttons feature a touchless infrared sensing switch mounted on a stainless-steel faceplate, activated by waving one's hand and are designed for control of electromagnetic and electro mechanical locks, or auto door operators. The default sensor range of approximately 4" may be adjusted for greater or lesser sensitivity/range. Activation/relock time may be adjusted for up to 9 seconds of duration and a ring LED provides visual indication in both blue and green.

 All NTB Series models operate on 12 or 24VDC continuous input power and includes 7" color-code wire lead terminations.

Are you looking for easy and inexpensive way to measure Power Over Ethernet? Chad Szekeres of Devine180 demonstrates the Hobbes Inline PoE tester that detects the PoE power from a Luxul PoE Network Switch (PSE) to FLIR and Inaxsys IP video surveillance cameras and other Powered Devices (PD). Learn to overcome the challenge of troubleshooting Power Over Ethernet and how to measure the actual wattage draw of surveillance cameras and other PoE powered network devices and determine the voltage drop that occurs in a network cable run as the cable distances are increased.

Items Shown In Demo:

Luxul - XMS-5248P -

P3MPOE1-15 - Preferred Power Products -

FLIR Systems, Inc - Saro DH-390 Dome -

Inaxsys Security Systems Inc. - INSDO8360IRWA -

Raytec Ltd - VARIO 2 IP -

Hobbes - 256318K -

Devine180 demonstrates the power of Talkaphones bAlert emergency communication and mass notification solution. bAlert is a perect solution for hospital safety and protecting staff and students on college campuses. The personal safety app connects to Blue Light Towers and Talkaphones emergancy towers to communicate with first responders and onsite security staff to dispatch help and push mass notifications on campuses of all sizes. bAlert is Talkaphones full suite of life safety products that provide an end‐to‐end solution for personal protection and campus security. From discreet panic buttons and a convenient safety app to a mass notification system, bAlert connects administrators, first responders, and community members by implementing accessible software that integrates seamlessly with your current systems. The mobile safety app is available on itunes for Apple IOS and the google play store for Android users.

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