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HCI TV has been building patient engagement and entertainment systems since 2002. At our core, we are innovators. We genuinely believe that innovative approaches to common healthcare dilemmas will create happier patients, financially viable healthcare providers and ultimately, healthier communities.

HCI has introduced many firsts to the healthcare industry including the universal pillow speaker control and the first integrated TV media player. HCI was also the first television manufacturer to bring Android TV to the healthcare market. When most people look at a TV monitor in a hospital room, they see only a TV. We see an opportunity to use technology to improve patient health, streamline clinician workflows while delivering significant cost savings, increase ancillary hospital revenue, and protect reimbursement revenue

For More Information - https://www.hci-tv.com

About Devine180

Devine180 are industry professionals carrying a portfolio of complimentary manufacturers of technical products which requires a high level of product knowledge. Our group spend almost 100% of their time face-to-face with customers, engaged in either sales or operational activities. 

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