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Established in 2005, Inaxsys is a unified security solutions builder capable of supporting any organization's security requirements.

In a highly fragmented industry, we have grown to become more than just a manufacturer. Time being our clients' more precious asset, we've adapted our methods and business structure to provide them with the best and simplest experience to ensure the protection of people, information and assets.

Inaxsys has been consistently growing for the past 15 years. In an industry dominated by a few global players, we've succeeded to achieve recognition by making our customers our number one priority.

Technology changes and evolves. We believe that developing and manufacturing the latest technologies is vital to just stay in business. It's a no-brainer. What really sets us apart is the expertise of our team and their dedication to go beyond what's expected.

Our people is our true pride and the reason why we've been succeeding for so long.

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