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Here is a solution to a common installation challenge........

Many times, in an IP video installation, we are faced with creating a spot monitor or public display monitor for a specific camera and/or a group of cameras. Traditionally, depending on your VMS, we would need to purchase a client license & a PC to install the client on along with a Windows license.

The installation and configuration time and difficulty will vary but the time and labor associated does come with a cost to get the new PC loaded with the software and ready to view the camera(s).

IONodes has an ingenious product which simply connects to your network and outputs HDMI to a monitor. Once connected to the network, you simply log into the devices IP address and choose which IP camera streams you would like to display.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Ocularis 5.7 is Now Available

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Released 2/20/2019. Learn More -

With the goal of providing the most innovative video management software, OnSSI has added new capabilities and enhancements to its award winning Ocularis VMS.
Highlights of the latest Ocularis v5.7 include:

  • Additional TLS 1.2 encryption and new WebRTC for increased security
  • New Client side video buffering feature for improved performance when connecting to low bandwidth remote sites
  • New Smart Camera Drivers for Vanderbilt, Eclipse, Uniview and Sony Generation X cameras to take advantage of their latest camera features
  • New Export Alarm Recordings Only function for faster investigations
  • New Video Backup function copies video to another location for offsite storage of critical recordings
  • New Video Mirroring option for real-time recording in two locations

To see all of the new features in Ocularis 5, view the Ocularis v5.7 Release Notes.

If you are currently running Ocularis 5.5 or 5.6, click here to download Ocularis 5.7.

If you are running an earlier software version, complete the Ocularis 5.7 License Upgrade Form to request the update.

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